Art Portfolios

COVID-19 Art

I was moved to create these art digital collages by the fear, loneliness and grief resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Escape Plan (left,) portrays an urban environment, with tightly packed people. They anxiously experience the virus hovering above them.

Climate Art

Recently I have become very concerned about the issue of climate change and how it is effecting the ocean. My digital collages have explored the beauty and serenity of sea shells and seashores with photography and scanned acrylic painting. Because of this work, it was an easy transition for me to make a statement using similar digital techniques, and visual elements of sea creatures and bodies of water.

Starfish Art

I have photographed imagined beaches that are composed of starfish, sea urchins and other shells. They are digitally blended with the bright color of acrylic painting. The effect is a spectacular show of lights that flow across a tranquil shore.

Flower Art

This series takes the viewer through a nontraditional voyage through the world of flowers. For example, photographs of bright tulips and summer lilies float on bare trees. Then images transition to joyful spring blossoms interfacing with colorful graphic elements.

Full Moon Art

This digital collage series started with a simple photograph of a springtime tree and billowing clouds behind it. With a few experiments in photo manipulation program, I realized that the clouds also took on the shape of craters within the appearance of full moons. Eventually, I added elements of water, shells, and flowers to the circular shapes. I was stunned at the visual connections between earth, water, and sky.