climate change

Climate Change

Recently I have become very concerned about how climate change is affecting our planet and oceans. Moreover, my digital collages have explored the beauty and serenity of sea shells and seashores with photography and scanned acrylic painting. Because of this work, it was an easy transition for me to start a series on climate art, using similar visual elements of bodies of water, sea creatures and botanical forms.

Lacuna Festivals, Canary Islands, Spain

(c) Betty Butler Kangaroo Escape, 2020

I was honored to have three of my prints included in an international exhibition entitled Lost, at Lacuna Festival 2020, Canary Islands, Spain. The theme could include lost culture, language, and traditions. My three chosen works referenced the Australian fires of 2019-2020, and the loss of life and environment.  The exhibition was on view  June and July of 2020.

Unbelievable 2020
(c) Betty Butler, Escaping the Fire, 2020

Exhibition in Berlin Germany

Berlin art exhit March 2020
© Betty Butler,Through the Desert, 2019

Through the Desert (left) was juried into the exhibition, i am. an immigrant. This international show highlighted the frustrations of populations with different cultures, sharing the same space.  Of course, climate change is one of the main instigators of world-wide migration. The exhibition was on view at, The Institut fur Alles Mogliche, Berlin Germany, March, 2020.