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Betty Butler creates art prints featuring the subjects of water, seashells and botanical forms. For each art print, she digitally blends her painting, drawing and nature photography. Betty is an award winning artist, who exhibits nationally and internationally. She invites the viewer to discover the beauty of natural forms. The artist states, “As you open the various art portfolios, I hope my work will take your imagination on a voyage through the colors, and patterns of nature.”

Vancouver Art Space May – June 2020

Winter Gladioli (above) is one of three images included in the exhibition entitled Reflections, currently seen at the Vancouver Art Space, Vancouver, WA. The curators were looking for images that displayed a visual reflection of any kind. While a number of the entries feature water, my work shows mirror images, and repetitions, of the line and color of the gladioli themselves.

Art Prints
(c) Betty Butler, Gladioli Lights II, Digital Art Print, 2019
Art Prints
(c) Betty Butler, Gladioli Lights I, Digital Art Print, 2019